Welcome to The Craig!

This is the audience review forum for the 2013 Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival, dedicated to the memory of Fringe Fan, poet, biker, and Victoria theatre critic, Craig Piprell.

Craig was passionate about the Fringe and it is in the spirit of his his frank, warm and insightful reviews that we open this forum to you, the fringe audience, to share your opinions. Oh, and he was opinionated. Very. But when your show got tough love from Craig, he was usually right on the money, and you learned from it.

You, the fringe audience, are responsible for creating the content here – so if you want to see more reviews, write some yourself and encourage others to share their opinions.

Fringe artists, invite the audience to talk about your show here, or on the Fringe app for iphone – two places to find feedback about shows.

You are entitled to your opinion of the show you saw (or performed in), but please don’t review the reviews of others.

To read reviews, pick a show title from the alphabetical tab list at the top of the page. To write reviews, post your comment on that show’s page – you can share that show’s review page via twitter, facebook and the like! If you add your comment below, it will not appear listed with the other reviews of the show.

We welcome all opinions and do not moderate reviews.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to The Craig!

  1. Virgin Mary Had a Little Lamb. Great performance by a talented comedienne. Her use of the film behind her to allow her to interact with other characters was really effective and gave variety. It was irreverent to the figures in the Roman Catholic mythology, but never crass or rude. Very funny. 5 stars.

  2. Negative Colours

    this show is exactly what it sounds like on its facebook page – Art for Art’s sake about the Artist. much is unclear, from the meandering script to the character-inappropriate costumes. the acting, however, is amazing (especially the two boys, Nick Yee and Alex Judd, who have done everything possible with the nonsense they were given) and the show is only 30 minutes long so there’s not a lot to lose (other than your $11). if you want a laugh or at least something to talk about, the show may be for you. 2 stars.

    • I dropped in to suss some reviews to tease my tastes before bumbling uninformed into fringapaloozic contortions, and then I noticed jeanette’s posting times, and my eyes widened to brighter wonder: Who is THIS person who composes with such delighted dedication to what approaches the beautiful at such an hour? Flutter flutter! Catalyst to the near imperceptible shift in stature, impetus to the subtle choreography that is the implication of the body, and below it the chair to creak, and more…Things Are Happening!
      – but in the double-take that the more reasoning portions press upon oneself when spark may burst to flame – I noticed the date: Eeeek she is a time traveler! As my fingers touch these keys just now it is still a full 8 hours till she will have pressed hers!

      I’m scared.

      Rationalize! I check myself… some quirk of time and moderation gone awry…

      Fringe on+fringe on

  3. 2 for Tea is a tender, hilarious, inventive, show about 2 clown characters who are masterful at enrolling audience members in their “play” at tea time.
    A beautiful illumination of relationship, love and even death! I was knocked out!!!! Go see it-you will be moved in many ways. (Major Conrad Flapps)

  4. Go see Richard Hanna as seditious Irish poet/musician Thomas Moore, who infiltrated the Regency haute monde and made a fool of the foolish Prince of Wales. Melody Moore is a treat.
    Linda Rogers

  5. Dancing WITH FISH is a delightful all ages friendly show about friendship. I took my 8 y o grandson and we were both delighted.

  6. Dancing With Fish
    Amazingly funny, well acted, and a participatory show for children and adults.
    Sends a great message about competition and friendship.

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