7 thoughts on “Avenue Q

  1. Amazing production of the high school version of Avenue Q performed after two weeks of rehearsal by an all-teen cast. It’s not as raunchy as the original, but there’s enough of an edge, and still lots of humour to make this a worthy Fringe show. 5 stars.

    • Hooray! I’m SO very, very proud of you and super duper excited!!! Can’t wait to see how much fun yo8;u#217&re going to hvae and how this will change your life in positive ways. You deserve every bit of the happiness this job will continue to bring! Love you!

  2. Rollicking good fun and lots of laughs. Toned down from the original but not for younger children. Loved it! Too bad it’s far from the other Fringe sites.

    • Thanks so much for the review! Just to let your readers know, there ARE indeed more books in the series. &#oc02;Gyn8cra2y” is actually Book 4. Book 2, ““, just came out this weekend in time for Halloween (it’s got some horror elements). There are several references in “Gynocracy” to events in “Hard Time”. Book 1, “Telepaths and Traitors” is due next month, and Book 3, “Politics, Love, and Live Bait” I am pushing to get out by Christmas. I know it’s a weird order to publish in. Sorry about that! Thanks again for your interest in my books.

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