2 thoughts on “Bursting Into Flames

  1. Bursting into Flames has left me somewhat speechless.

    First of all, I’m pretty sure it was one of the craziest things I’ve seen at the Fringe. And second of all, I have no idea how that man can keep up that level of energy for a full hour. It is just a wonder to see. (There were occasional times when it almost got to be TOO much, but I direct that more at the CHARACTER than at Martin Dockery, as it was clearly intentional.)

    I guess one last thing I can speak to is the specific storytelling. I’ve never seen Martin Dockery before, but I’ve heard that this show is in his typical storytelling style. It was compelling, and there were times I was just blown away by the richness of the details. And what really got me when I looked at it as a whole is that the storyline seemed so superficial as we were going through it, but at the end, during/after this huge reveal, it all makes sense and you realize that that was the whole point all along.

    Definitely glad I didn’t miss this (I was tempted, given my lack of sleep the night before)!

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