2 thoughts on “Fools for Love

  1. I loved this play! A bit more sexual than I was expecting, but still fabulous. It was just the right balance between goofy and touching, and their acting (between their actual miming, their normal body language and facial expressions, and their incredible sound effects) was spot on the whole way through. And they were extremely creative even in the technical aspects, especially one part where the power went off in their building and they went down to the basement to fix it and used nothing but flash lights for about 10 minutes. I never realized the enormous potential of flashlights (even in just what adjusting the brightness can do) before I saw this show.

    The recurring Pride and Prejudice references were kind of an interesting touch, though the specific plot of the Pride and Prejudice 2 movie they went to see together was a little strange (a creative idea to make it an action film, but not sure it worked for me…). But, having another love story referenced through the play was a great way to illustrate the love story between the clowns.

    If you’re in (or heading to) Vancouver, try to get out to see it. Just don’t sit in the front row if you don’t want to be part of a scene on a bus 😉

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