10 thoughts on “Friar v. Summoner

  1. Julian Cervello has hit another one out of the park with The Friar vs. The Summoner. While it always takes me a few minutes to get used to the cadences and vowel shift of Middle English, Cervello’s brilliant presentation soon draws one in to his medieval world. As always, Cervello’s impeccable expression and enunciation permit the audience to understand far more than would seem possible. His use of physical comedy is masterful, and his ability to switch from character to character in an instant simply uncanny. The rivalry between the Friar and the Summoner are far more fun to watch, with such an interpreter, than they are to read. How many chances do you get to see Chaucer performed live? What a treat.

    For those who really want to get the whole thing, you might want to try reading a modern translation before you go. There are many online, like these: http://machias.edu/faculty/necastro/chaucer/translation/ct/08frt.html

  2. Forsooth, a pilgrimage to Canterbury with JC is always a rare treat! Along the road, The Friar and Summoner smack talk each other, bawdy tales of fornication, farts, the biggest, stankiest booty in hell. JC is a fabulous storyteller: pacing, gesture, sparse props. Read the program first- 5 minutes and well worth it.

  3. https://www.facebook.com/events/1384114545147195/?ref=3
    And a problem here in our beloved Craig:
    No blame, no shame, typos happen,
    under Shows A-F there is no Friar but we find it under G.
    EVen in the middle english dictionary, the letter F comes before the letter G.
    There is some other inconsistent ordering in this alphabet too.

  4. i loved this show. Julian Cervello is incredibly talented and funny. the prepared programme is a great help as the show is in Middle English, but the acting and directing are so spot on that i never felt lost. set and costume are perfect as well. 5 stars.

  5. I feel as though this show is the emperor’s new clothes to me. I hear person after person praising how Julian’s performance made them able to understand most of what was going on. It did not so for me.
    Don’t get me wrong! Cervello is an incredibly talented performer, bringing great physicality and a clear voice as he tells this story the he so clearly cares deeply about and understands. I really do recommend this show if you want to see a stunningly talented performer in his element, especially if you have some understanding of Chaucer and the stories being told!
    For myself, although I appreciated the actor’s talent, most of the show’s plot went over my head.

    • che porque no la cortan con el putito de lenny kraviz, eh, ya voy a ir para alla, esto no es facil, ya fui y me rebotaron como calzon de vieja, ahora debo tomar chitqiuolin del chapulin colorado y entrar sin que me vean los de seguridad, o bien encontrar el reloj de ben 10, y o hacerme materia gris y entrar o hacerme xlr4 o 4 brazos o mono araña

    • Wauw Lins wat een supergaaf doosje heb je gemaakt. geweldig hoe je al die kleine blaadjes gestempeld hebt, het lijkt net kant en klaar gekocht.Groetjes inge

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