Ionesco’s the Lesson

5 thoughts on “Ionesco’s the Lesson

  1. I had never before seen or read Ionesco’s work. All I knew was that he was, as Wikipedia says, “one of the foremost figures of the Theatre of the Absurd.”

    I was, however, familiar with the work of local actors Eric Grace and Melissa Blank. As usual they did not disappoint. This was definitely one of my favorite hours spent at the 2013 Victoria Fringe.

    Blank plays a student who comes for a lesson with a renowned professor. The professor has a sinister and officious maid. It is really impossible to say any more about the plot without giving away delicious surprises best enjoyed in the theatre, so I won’t. All I can say is that I couldn’t stop laughing, both at the text, and at the actors’ killer performances. I honestly can’t imagine a better, or funnier, interpretation of this play. Pick of the Fringe for me, that’s for sure.

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