2 thoughts on “La cravate bleue

  1. First of all, I just want to say how excited I was to see that there was a French play at the Fringe this year (which apparently is the first time in the history of the festival)! Of the handful of things that make me the happiest in life, this show involved 3 of them: French, theatre, and music. While the show was a little cheesy at times (which isn’t intended as a joke towards the French, I promise :P), the premise was extremely relatable, especially for an arts-loving audience. Who doesn’t wish they could just quit their day jobs and follow their passions?

    The songs were enjoyable, and Jean-François Plante-Tan is multi-talented (as a writer, actor and singer, with a little tap-dancing thrown in for good measure). The flier did say something about subtitles, but I was at the first show and there weren’t any, so I don’t know if they just weren’t ready yet or whether the venue isn’t equipped for whatever method he would have used. I don’t know if I can fully comment on whether it would be accessible to non-bilingual audiences because I was able to understand most of it, but it’s still worth a shot if you even just understand a little French. Test yourself! Support an artist taking a risk!

    • Amúgy tök vicces, kíváncsi vagyok, mi lesz a következÅ‘ metdisztítangó terület. Aaaa múltat végképp eltörölni, rabszolgahad, indulj velünk! A Föld fog sarkából kidÅ‘lni, semmik vagyunk, s minden leszünk!…

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