5 thoughts on “Negative Colours

  1. Negative Colours

    this show is exactly what it sounds like on its facebook page – Art for Art’s sake about the Artist. much is unclear, from the meandering script to the character-inappropriate costumes. the acting, however, is amazing (especially the two boys, Nick Yee and Alex Judd, who have done everything possible with the nonsense they were given) and the show is only 30 minutes long so there’s not a lot to lose (other than your $11). if you want a laugh or at least something to talk about, the show may be for you. 2 stars.

    • I saw Negative Colours. I have a different take on it than Jeanette, who seems to have missed the generic sign-posts in this play (e.g. reference to Beckett) – hence, if there was non-sense, one might pause to wonder why… But, I wouldn’t call this a strict instance of the theatre of the absurd. It’s postmodern – the protagonist is decentered, the genre is inherently questioned. Perhaps it takes more than “one thought”.

    • This play has some deep thoughts and great use of language. The script is a bit vague and certainly needs more of a focus, but it could be something great with more work. It was well produced, with a talented cast and great set. The costumes are not realistic, and I interpreted that as it being because they are shown through the artist’s perspective and not as they really are. It would be worth it for me to see what each character would look like isolated from the play, but we are not talking about that. We are speaking to the overall unified work, and I think the colour scheme was a strong part of the vision (as it does match the surreal set and the limited materials the artist has).

      The acting was amazing and certainly served to communicate the characters appropriately if the costumes didn’t. I think the rest of the cast held the show together just as strongly because they were listening on stage. “Stealing the show” is not the only goal for an actor to achieve. The primary goal should always be to make it about your scene partner.

      As a theatre practitioner myself and a frequent fringer, this is a play that I keep coming back to in my mind. It wasn’t my favourite, but it’s the one I think about the most. Few things today actually challenge our audiences and make them think, so I am inspired and I commend the cast and crew for taking such a risk.

  2. I had heard mixed reviews about Negative Colours going in, but something about the description still really resonated with me (because I really relate to the “unfinished work” idea right now in particular), so I went anyway, thinking it was something I really needed to see right now. It was definitely a little strange, but had a lot of interesting thoughts on the topic of the artist’s struggle. I enjoyed it despite the mixed reviews I had heard.

  3. Superbly ilunmilating data here, thanks!

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