4 thoughts on “2 for Tea

  1. Totally enjoyed these wonderful fun, inventive, talented guys, Jamie and James and the best tea party ever. Actually, just so you know, it wasn’t 2 for tea — it was 100 for tea — as all of us who packed the place on opening night, were also given a cup of tea — and invited to the party. HIgh tea, indeed!

  2. “Surrealist physical comedy” doesn’t even begin to describe this fun-filled “Alice-in-Wonderland-ish” adventure.

    I have never before seen performers incorporate audience participation so successfully into the story arc of a show. Bravo for taking us along on the ride!

    They’ve played to sold-out houses across Canada, and won awards at every Fringe.

  3. As evidenced by their sold out houses, this show is one of fringe’s must-sees. The best audience participation I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing added to the two performers’ masterful physicality (an “umbrella in the wind” sequence was especially captivating) and comic timing. It touched my heart and had me dancing the YMCA- what else can you ask for?

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