Richard Tyrone Jones’s Big Heart

3 thoughts on “Richard Tyrone Jones’s Big Heart

  1. A review at CVV Magazine:

    Richard Tyrone is a passionate UK poet who has the audience in
    stitches as he wanders through a hit-and-miss medical Oz trying to
    cure his broken heart like a modern Tin Man. A hot-blooded graduate of
    Cambridge, he’s the kind of guy who writes Petrarchan sonnets about
    coke dealers. Who knew someone’s near death experience could be so

  2. “Richard Tyrone Jones’s Big Heart” by Anna Kemp

    UK artist Richard Tyrone Jones had heart failure at age 30 and found himself in hospital at the brink of death. A spoken word artist, poet and comedian, Jones explores his experiences in a powerful performance that is hilarious, informative, sobering and poetic.
    Jones chats with the audience like he is addressing a bunch of mates. His tone is intimate and self-effacing. And he is funny. Our Tuesday night crowd was small, but laughing loud enough to fill the theatre. Personally, that’s how I like my stark reality, with a generous helping of humour.
    The piece is woven through with Jones’ powerful poetry. The poems are at times trancendent, providing moments to reflect on the story and on mortality, and on just how powerful words can be.
    Jones uses illustrations projected on a screen to great effect. When he is in bed in hospital he stands up against a simple drawing of the hospital room bringing you back to the story line after his many (often hilarious) digressions and explanations.
    The whole play feels so raw, and open. I can not recommend this show enough. Especially if you are a ginger, or have had to deal with the medical system… or if you have a heart.

  3. An honest, energetic performer conveys this roller coaster of a story highly effectively.
    He had many many funny anecdotes to make up this extremely interesting story that gave the whole audience a glimpse of what it’s like to suffer from a condition like his. Peppered throughout are poems that he wrote while he was going through this whole ordeal, which i found to be some of the most engrossing parts of the play.
    Not to be missed.

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