Syphillis: A Love Story

2 thoughts on “Syphillis: A Love Story

  1. Syphillis: a love story had pretty much everything you need in a good comedy play: an interesting, original premise, good actors (and fun characters for them to work with), and a strong, tight script. It was just ridiculous enough to be funny, but not so ridiculous that I couldn’t take it seriously. It was also a nice break from all of the one-person shows that are a staple of the festival.

    I think I only had two small complaints. One was that the actors didn’t always wait for the laughter to stop before moving on with their lines, which made it hard to hear everything. But that was minor in comparison to the things I loved. And, I mean, it’s obviously a good sign if the audience was laughing so much. And the second was that the ending monologue seemed a bit of a forced ending. But otherwise, the play was solid.

    It doesn’t seem that Syphillis is going to be spreading to the Vancouver Fringe, but if it comes around next summer, I hope many cities will get a chance to catch it ;).

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