The Occupied Mind of Mr K.

4 thoughts on “The Occupied Mind of Mr K.

  1. after seeing this show at the YOU festival, i expected it to be incredible (having had that workshop-like experience), but i found it unchanged except for the switch of one actress who was so similar to the first that i barely noticed. the script is funny and smart but on several occasions devolves into self-indulgent political monologues, so be prepared to groan a couple times about the middle class.

    the show’s basic premise (a few zany friends take over the mind of a recently deceased billionaire) is funny and new, though some interesting questions about grieving and identity are never answered.

    notable and hilarious in the show is Randi Edmundson as Maris (think drunk young Lucille Bluth) and Alex Judd as Dylan (the stoner-style sidekick in constantly changing Hawaiian shirts). Graham Roebuck also makes a short but memorable appearance as Pericles (a meditation master).

    3.5 stars.

  2. Really enjoyed the great performances of the entire cast. Graham Roebuck and Gary Johnson do an incredible job of sharing the role of Pericles, the mind-controlling new age guru who takes over the mind (and body) of billionaire Michael Karabatsos. Both are perfect foils for Alex Carson’s NRI (non-resident Indian) hipster Vijay Majumdar. However, the real scene stealers are Randi Edmundsen, who plays Mr. K’s evil, conniving, gold-digging wife Maris, and Alex Judd as the slacker with a “creative” approach to personal finance. The show’s rapid-fire, clever dialogue, over-the-top but recognizably real characters and sharp political commentary are reminiscent of the political satire of Moliere.

    Based on an Indian folktale, this Generation Y farce encourages audiences to consider the many disparate forces that have formed and challenge today’s young adults, from parental and cultural expectations to student debt to video games to the the Occupy and Ban Billionaire movements. But like the Moliere classics, it does so with a light touch and a light heart, encouraging us to laugh at ourselves and have hope for the future. If the young people I saw on stage tonight are any indication of what is to come, then I have hope indeed. They can occupy my mind anytime.

  3. Review of Occupied Mind at the Marble: “The Occupied Mind of Mr. K, created by John Demmery Green and the Da Vinci’s Kitchen Theatre Productions Company, is a hilarious comedy of supernatural crime gone awry. For this critic, it stands up there with The Power of Ignorance and Peter ‘n’ Chris as some of the best (scripted) comedy I’ve ever seen during the Fringe Festival.”

    Read the whole review here:

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