2 thoughts on “They Call Me Mr Fry

  1. I was really excited to see this play as soon as I read the description and all of its accolades across the festival circuit.

    That said, I wasn’t as impressed as I had hoped to be. That’s not to say it didn’t have its merits, but it just wasn’t quite the calibre I expected from all of the praise it was getting. The heart of the story was very powerful and was delivered so sincerely. And Mr. (Jack) Fry had moments of brilliant acting. But overall, I felt the play itself went on much longer than it needed to be (I feel he could have told the story easily and more powerfully in an hour maximum), and there were times when he steered off-topic for much longer than necessary, which took away from the actual story he was trying to tell (such as the amount of time he spent talking about his broken engagement, and the unnecessary focus on his ex-fiance stealing his ice cube trays). And even though I said the delivery was beautifully sincere, it also had its moments where it felt a little awkward (such as when he got an audience member to poke something off his bum with a balloon sword and then proceeded to comment on the fact that at other shows, the chosen audience member wasn’t as open).

    All that said, I did cry twice, and I really feel the story itself should be shared. It just could use a little tweaking and a bit more professionalism in every moment of the delivery in order for the real story to truly be the main focus and not be buried under inappropriate jokes and bitterness that isn’t particularly relevant.

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