Where Have All the Lighting Bugs Gone?

2 thoughts on “Where Have All the Lighting Bugs Gone?

  1. This show made my short list based on its description, but I was admittedly a little wary at the short length. I took a leap of faith and went to see it anyway based on a recommendation, and was glad I did.

    I think this show was a perfect example of how even a strange script can be amazing with the right actors. (People might disagree with me on the strangeness of the script, but that’s beside the point.) Let me explain. I had seen a very shortened version of this show (maybe a 5-10 minute excerpt) done by some less experienced actors a few months ago and thought it was a bit ridiculous. But these actors really sold it for me The way they were able to just jump into a new scenario on a dime was absolutely breathtaking. The script itself (while adorable) is still a little unrealistic for me, but somehow the actors were able to make it believable for me. Definitely worth seeing!

  2. Although there is some good stuff here, I found this play cliched (it seems that every student writer needs to write “two strangers having an unlikely interaction” and that’s fine, and this writer does a decent job of it, but I would be more interested to see them write something original that doesn’t feel like its been done a million times before) and the acting was good, though didn’t strike me as incredible.
    There are some very nice tones struck, especially near the end when the lines between make-believe and reality begin to blur, and it is nice work for the admittedly young writer and actors, but I wouldn’t call this show a stand out.

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